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About Panthro Fitness

Panthro Fitness is a leading wellness studio in Pittsburgh with over a decade of experience in our field. Our professional strengths lie in the expertise of our coaches. We understand that everyone’s fitness needs are unique, which is why we focus on tailoring our programs accordingly. We are pleased with the physical and emotional transformations that we help people make while they train with us. The fact that our clients look at Panthro Fitness as not just a gym but a community is even more exciting.

Our Services

Strength & Conditioning Bootcamp

Join our high-intensity bootcamp class for an adrenaline-pumping, calorie-torching fitness experience that will push you to your limits and leave you feeling empowered and strong.

Strength Lab

Unleash your power in our strength-focused workout class, sculpting your physique to perfection with every rep.

Boxing Bootcamp

Unleash your inner champion with our invigorating boxing bootcamp, where each workout will push you to be your best. We utilize a potent combination of bag work, HIIT cardio and ab work to help you reach your goals!

Nutrition Coaching

Transform your health with personalized guidance from our certified nutritionist coaching program, tailored to meet your wellness goals.

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What type of gym is Panthro Fitness?

Hi! 👋🏼 We’re Panthro Fitness! We’re located in the Strip District and we focus on strength-based, small-group training with two different formats to choose from depending on your goals.⁣​​​​​​​ ​​…

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