Quitting Before Opportunity and Destiny Meet

I remember when I was taking my test to be a certified personal trainer.  I probably studied for 3 months along with working as an engineer, traveling for work, and raising a family.  I had been out of school for about 8 years so I was kind of out of practice in terms of studying.

The day of the test was a typical grey looking winter Pittsburgh Saturday morning at Duquesne University.  While I was waiting, I made small talk to the guy next to me who was feverishly pouring over page upon page of notes.

Me: “So you ready for this test?”


Dude: “I think so.  This is the 3rd time I’ve taken it.”


Me: “Is it that hard?”


Dude: “It’s tricky…”

I started second guessing whether I was as prepared as I thought I was.

The time came and I started taking the test.  Remember when I said I hadn’t been in the practice of studying for 8 years?  Well I hadn’t taken a test in 8 years either…and even then, I wasn’t the best test taker in the world.

There were 200 questions on the test and I could not concentrate.

I found myself staring off into the distance, thinking of stuff that didn’t even matter at the time like “what am I going to eat later” or “Who won the superbowl 2 years ago?”

My mind was exhausted and I recall saying to myself “If I fail this test I will never take it again!”

Fortunately, I did not fail.

Now that I look back I wonder if it was the fear of starting over or unknown to me, was it the fear of missing the intersection between opportunity and destiny that sharpened my focus?

At the time, I was an engineer, making decent money.  I was comfortable so it would have been easy to quit and just be satisfied with what I was already doing.

I believe there are seasons in life.

If I had failed that test, I wouldn’t have been certified, the guy that owned the gym I wanted to train at wouldn’t have allowed me to train there, and I wouldn’t have started my business when I did.

Would a similar opportunity line up later? I don’t know.  What I do know is opportunity existed at that point in time and I was ready for it.  While I was taking that test I was living in my destiny.  Had I given up I might have taken a detour and never got back in alignment with my purpose.

It would have been a shame for me to look back 5 years later and say “Had I just focused for 45 minutes my life might be different.”

Think about where you are right now.

You might be at a point where you are ready to give up on something.  Is your destiny tied to you being successful at what you’re considering quitting?  Or maybe you should be quitting something that is keeping you from your purpose.

Think about the reason you’re considering quitting or why you’re holding on.

Is it valid or do you just lack focus and discipline to do the uncomfortable things?  The last thing you want to do is miss the intersection between opportunity and destiny.  Who knows when those paths will meet again!

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